Tuesday, August 6th
7:00 p.m.

Theme: tbd
Grand Marshal: tbd

Route: 7th St., from Elm St. to South St.

Fees: must be submitted with entry
          before July 31st---$20 (business), $10 (non-profit)
          after July 31st---an additional $5
          day of the parade---an additional $10
         Additional fees apply if you have more than three (3) units (vehicles, horses, etc.)...
                  Businesses: $30/4-6, $40/7-9, $50/10+. Non-profits: $15/4-6, $20/7-9, $25/10+.
          No fee for 4-H entries.
          No refunds for any reason.

Help us keep our children safe! Do not throw any treats along the parade route! You may hand out treats as long as you remain close to the sidewalks to prevent children from darting out into the parade route. Those throwing treats will be removed from the parade. 

Return your entry form no later than July 31st. Any entries received after July 31st will be placed at the end of the parade. All advance registrants will receive check-in instructions and directions by e-mail after the July 31st deadline.

Please note: No "Demo Derby" cars will be driven in the parade. They must be pulled on a trailer. Parade entries are limited to a maximum height of fourteen (14) feet.

Entry Form

If you need further information, please contact us using the contact form.